Pizza & Public Affairs - Community Benefit Project

start time: Feb 6, 2019 4:00:00 PM EST / 12:00 PM AKST

end time: Feb 6, 2019 5:00:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM AKST

About this Event

Karl Guiler/Phil Kleisler, COB Senior Planners on Community Benefits Requirements to Seek an Exemption to Exceed the By-Right Height Limit


Andrea Meneghel, Public Affairs Director, Boulder Chamber will provide the Boulder business perspective on Community Benefit Project issues.



Why is the city undertaking this project?

A community benefits program has been discussed as one tool to ensure that new growth and development contribute positively to Boulderites' quality of life. While higher quality of development is often attained through the Site Review process, in recent years community sentiment has expressed that more specific community benefits should be required in exchange for additional height, intensity or density.

What is the Community Benefits Project?

Community benefit programs typically include a suite of regulations and incentives that tie specific community benefits to requests for additional development rights (like building height, floor area and residential density). These programs identify the specific amount and type of community benefit required with specific development requests.

For example, some properties in Boulder are eligible to request a "Height Modification" to allow an additional one or two stories (up to 55 feet) when the zoning only allows three stories. Boulder's community benefits program would provide a menu of options - like affordable housing, affordable commercial space, community gathering space and public art - to be provided as part of the project. The specific amount of required benefits would be proportional to the bonus amount requested.

The Community Benefit Project outcomes will have a very significant impact on how much new housing is added to our community and where it is located.

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